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Maddie Lamberti – Why Auxilius is more fun than Auditing!

As a CPA and former Big Four Auditor the opportunity at Auxilius was clear and compelling – continue to support life science customers by addressing their largest and highest risk cost category, outsourced R&D spend. 

After graduation from Tulane University with a bachelor’s in finance and master’s in accounting, I started at PwC as a financial statement auditor with a focus in the Healthcare sector. At PwC I worked with a variety of clients, including Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. That focus continued, and I later transitioned into healthcare data and analytics SaaS products- at Veeva and Medidata, working to help address key commercial business questions for pharma. Amongst the sea of SaaS products in the ecosystem, Auxilius stood out as unique, purpose-built, and the type of software that would have been an ‘alleluia’ moment as a former Auditor.

I am thrilled to be leveraging my accounting and audit experience with purpose for the biotechs working hard to bring much-needed therapeutics to market. A SOX compliance and control mindset is a hallmark for auditors. As we know, nearly 90% of spreadsheets contain formula or data lineage errors*. Working with customers I see first-hand the audit benefits of automation and a platform that removes the risks of excel reliance. This would have streamlined and alleviated some tiring audit engagements when even the best ‘excel hacks’ couldn’t clean up and validate messy data. The gains that I’m seeing for my customers are measurable with quarter close accrual estimation precision, operational efficiency, and proper, permission-based audit logs. I am elated to see our customers gaining control and enjoy the ‘fist pumps’ with the external audit team.

The biotech industry continues to innovate at record levels, and with the promise of breakthrough treatments hanging in the balance (in pipelines), financial control and forecast capabilities are critical for the success of next generation therapies. I am passionate about the impact that Auxilius provides because finance is part of the cure. And working in tech sure beats Audit all-nighters.

Maddie Lamberti, CPA, Customer Success Manager, Auxilius


*(source: Forbes “Sorry, Your Spreadsheets Has Errors – Almost 90% Do”)

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