Auxilius Notes

June 2024 Product Update

auxilius-product-launch-image-01 (1)

In June we released some exciting enhancements to the Auxilius platform to help streamline core clinical accounting and finance workflows. 

Our biggest product upgrades in June span three areas of the Auxilius platform:

1.  Don't let out-of-scope budget items catch you off-guard

Successfully accounting for out-of-scope budget items can mean the difference between a forecast that accounts for all projected costs, and one that does not.

With Auxilius, users can seamlessly edit budgets directly on the platform and have them cascade throughout their forecast.

auxilius-product-launch-image-02 (1)

In-app budget modifications with supporting documentation


  • Improve forecast accuracy and completion by seamlessly tracking out-of scope budget items in the Auxilius platform.

  • Enhance financial planning by analyzing how out-of-scope budget items and change orders would impact forecasts.

New enhancements:

Enhanced audit trails for each budget modification, with attached notes and supporting documentation to improve auditability and traceability.

2.  Keep site budgets accurate - without the headache 

Managing site budget amendments and protocols across sites can be time-consuming and complicated. With Auxilius, it's a breeze. The enhanced site budget amendments feature lets users create and manage multiple versions of site budgets, without changing protocols.

It improves visibility and control by providing a clear view of different budget versions and automating cost matching.


Site budget amendments across protocols and budgets


  • Improve visibility across all site budget amendments.

  • Efficiently maintain accurate and up-to-date budgets with automatic updates linked to protocol amendments.

New Enhancements:

Enhanced workflows and visibility around managing site budget amendments.

3. Stay on top of site invoiceables with invoiceable scheduling

Save time and improve accrual accuracy by scheduling site invoiceables through the Auxilius platform. Instead of tracking these costs manually, Auxilius allows you to schedule site invoiceables in the future and incorporate these scheduled payments into your accruals.


Different types of site invoiceables being scheduled at various intervals


  • More precise accruals that incorporate more accurate estimates of site invoiceables.

  • Significant savings from automatically scheduling and forecasting a invoiceables vs. manual methods.

New Enhancements:

Automatically include scheduled invoiceables for all future months in the current quarter.